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Meet Jerry Rogers

There is no substitute for experience

Jerry J. Rogers, Founder of Rogers Tax Advisory Group LLC, is passionate about helping successful investors safeguard their portfolios against loss. Rogers began his career with J.C. Bradford and Co. in 1986 and has helped thousands of individuals create retirement success plans that allow them to feel confident that they won’t run out of money before they run out of life.

As owner of a Registered Investment Advisory Firm and a Licensed Insurance Agency, Jerry acts as a Fiduciary to his clients and their money. Always putting their best interest at the forefront of his recommendations.


Rogers Tax Advisory Group

Helping Retirees Keep More of Their Income

At Rogers Tax Advisory Group, we specialize in helping retirees and near-retirees optimize their Social Security, establish protected income that they cannot outlive, and provide them with a tax efficient withdrawal plan to maximize the longevity of their assets. Our team of experts analyzes and strategizes our client's situation to ensure they keep more of the income they generate during their retirement.

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4000 Faber Place Drive, Ste. 300

Charleston, SC 29405



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9:30 am – 5:00 pm

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