Tax Preparation

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Complete Tax Preparation for individuals for $150.00 includes: 1 E-filed personal, single or joint, federal and 1 state return for 1 tax year. Fees for more complex situations are listed below.

How It Works..If it is your FIRST TIME with us..

If it is your first time with us please call to speak with us about our process during the COVID situation.
TAX PREP FEES for more complex returns
In Addition to the Pricing Shown Above
  • $75.00 Schedule C or E (each)
  • $40.00 Earned Income Credit (Sch EIC)
  • $50.00 Additional State Return
  • $20.00 2nd copy of current year return
  • $10.00 copy of supporting docs
  • $60.00 Form 8962 Reconciliation of Premium Tax Credit

Rogers Tax Advisory Group,Financial Planner,Charleston,SC