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Welcome to
Rogers Tax Advisory Group

Bringing "Retirement Readiness" to Retirees and Near-Retirees

is knowing what you can safely spend during your retirement without the fear of running out of money.  Let us help you conquer your retirement fears.

Our Specializations

Optimizing Social Security

Establishing Protected Income

Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Plans

How We Do What We Do


Optimize Social Security

You might already know that Social Security is complicated. A Retirement Readiness Plan gives you step-by-step instructions on when/how to claim Social Security benefits, coordinated with all your other assets to stretch your resources longer.


Establish Protected Income

Peace of mind during your retirement can be directly linked to how much of your income is protected, a.k.a. Guaranteed. The goal is to break free from the dependence on the stock market as a source of income.


Investment Withdrawal Plan

Maximizing the longevity of your assets and minimizing taxes requires careful consideration of which account to spend from and when including analyzing tax-efficient strategies that may allow for increased spending during retirement.

We Have Everything You Need For Your Retirement to Be A Success

Rogers Tax Advisory Group focuses on helping retirees and near-retirees maximize their retirement income. We help clients analyze their situation, optimize Social Security, establish guaranteed income, and create a tax-efficient withdrawal plan to preserve assets. 

Secure Your Retirement Today!

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